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to the North West Province!


The NORTH WEST PROVINCE AND BRICS TRADE, TOURISM AND INVESTMENT EXPO is divided into three areas, viz: the Trade, Tourism and Culture Exhibition, The International Investors Conference and the Beneficiation Conference.

We are confident that the NORTH WEST PROVINCE AND BRICS TRADE, TOURISM AND INVESTMENT EXPO will only stimulate economic growth, but also foster trust and understanding between our countries by promoting trade, cultural and grass grassroots ex-change.

Further to the BRICS CO-OPERATION AGREEMENT signed by the Leaders of this region, we believe that the inaugural NORTH WEST PROVINCE AND BRICS TRADE, TOURISM AND INVESTMENT EXPO is a reflection of the fundamental importance of our multi lateral relationships with countries from this dynamic region.




I would like to thank the sponsors, the Task Team of the North West Provincial Government, the Project Management Team of BRICS EXPO (Pty) Ltd and all the participants for their significant contributions. Your participation will play an invaluable role in enhancing our political, commercial and personal partnerships with our friends from “BRICS” (Brazil, Russia, India and China).

BRICS EXPO (Pty) Ltd wishes all of you tremendous success and trusts that the NORTH WEST PROVINCE AND BRICS TRADE, TOURISM AND INVESTMENT EXPO will be a platform to also promote deep and enduring ties across a broad range of fields.

Welcome again to our country an the NORTH WEST PROVINCE – a Province that is resource rich and the ideal Tourism and Investment destination!!

Zane Dawood
President and CEO

North West Province
and BRICS EXPO (Pty) Ltd

The North West Province is delighted to host the BRIC (BRAZIL, RUSSIA, INDIA, CHINA) countries for the first and inaugural NORTH WEST PROVINCE AND BRICS (BRAZIL, RUSSIA, INDIA, CHINA) TRADE, TOURISM AND INVESTMENT EXPO.

The essence of the Expo is to create a platform that will bring together under one roof, different people that are geared towards developing links and partnerships through trade and investment networks. In partnership with BRICS EXPO (Pty) Ltd, we are excited that this kind of event will not only put the Northern Cape in the national and international public eye but will also create a platform which will hopefully see a number of multi – lateral agreements being discussed and agreed upon by many of those that shall be participating in the event.




Hon. Thandi Modise
North West Province


Message from the MEC
North West Province

I would like to take this opportunity to extend a big, hearty and warm South African welcome to our guests, visitors and investors from Brazil, Russia, India and China! I am equally delighted to welcome our guests from Africa and all our exhibitors and participants. Welcome to the North West Province!! I would like to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to BRICS EXPO (PTY) LTD in organizing this landmark and inaugural NORTH WEST PROVINCE AND BRICS TRADE, TOURISM AND INVESTMENT EXHIBITION AND INTERNATIONAL INVESTORS CONFERENCE. The exhibition and International Investors Conference will provide us with a platform to showcase the North West Province as an ideal Investment and Tourism destination. We are humbled that the first and inaugural NORTH WEST PROVINCE AND BRICS TRADE, TOURISM AND INVESTMENT EXHIBITION AND INTERNATIONAL INVESTORS CONFERENCE is being held in the North West Province. This will ensure that our multi-lateral ties will be strengthened and cemented with our BRIC partners, by our collective partnership in business and the further economic development and cooperation, in the fastest growing sectors of our Provincial economy.




The GDP of the North West Province has grown from R39.8 Billion in 1996 to R129.9 Billion in 2007. We are dedicated in positioning the North West Province to becoming one of the major contributors to the national economy. Trade between the BRIC nations and Africa increased from US $21.9 Billion in 2000 to US $164.6 Billion in 2008. By 2030 the trade is expected to exceed US $4 Trillion. The North West Province is dedicated in contributing towards this effort and we are looking forward to establishing cooperation and investment agreements with our BRIC partners.

We are also delighted that the NORTH WEST PROVINCE AND BRIC TRADE, TOURISM AND INVESTMENT EXHIBITION AND INTERNATIONAL INVESTORS CONFERENCE will also provide a platform for small, macro and medium enterprises (SMME’S) to participate meaningfully in this mega event and give them the opportunity to engage with our BRIC partners to forge partnerships and linkages for mutual benefit. I wish all of you tremendous success and prosperity in all your endeavors. Once again welcome to the North West Province – the ideal trade, tourism and investment destination!!

Hon. Motlalepala Rosho
North West Province


This is the investment destination that can offer you exciting investment opportunities in tourism, eco-tourism, mining, manufacturing, agriculture, and many more! Modern Industrial Parks and commercial centre complimented by sophisticated banking and financial services.

A sophisticated infrastructure and superlative road and rail links, international airport, and state of the art telecommunications. Close proximity to the Gauteng Province, South Africa's economic powerhouse, and a geographic location which makes the Platinum Province the gateway to the rest of Africa.


A Provincial Government wholly committed to facilitating business expansion. Numerous incentives including relocation assistance and tax holidays. Excellent educational and health facilities. Africa's tourism and wildlife Mecca, a climate conducive to the ultimate outdoor life.

To structure all of the abovementioned, the North West Province developed the North West Province Growth and Development Strategy. The intent of the strategy is to realize the opportunities that the Province offers.




We offer you the opportunity of trade in our commodities and the beneficiation of our resources. A key driver for us as a Province is to utilize our resources in manufacturing – to add value to our treasures. We would like to offer our “BRIC” partners, the opportunity of a lifetime by either trading with us or investing in our resources and their beneficiation.

I would like to extend to you the opportunity of mutual benefit; all parties have so much to offer, let's combine our efforts to the benefit of all. Let the NORTH WEST PROVINCE AND BRICS (BRAZIL, RUSSIA, INDIA, CHINA) TRADE, TOURISM AND INVESTMENT EXPO merely be the start.

Mr. Abram Tlaletsi
Director General - North West Province


The purpose of the Expo is to provide a platform and showcase South African and THE NORTH WEST PROVINCE products and services with buyers and exhibitors from the targeted BRICS (BRAZIL, RUSSIA, INDIA, CHINA) and other Southern African countries. This is intended to facilitate networking and matchmaking possibilities for both local businesses and their foreign counterparts.


The platform will also showcase the NORTH WEST PROVINCE as an ideal tourism and investment destination and strengthen the relationship between South Africa and our BRIC partners.




The key economic sectors being promoted are:-
• Manufacturing and Industry Development;
• Mining and Mineral Beneficiation;
• Agriculture and Agro Processing;
• Petrochemicals and Chemicals Down Streaming;
• Transport, Logistics and Freight;
• Financial Services and Business Process Outsourcing;
• Tourism and Real Estate;
• SMME Development;


It is fitting that the first and inaugural BRICS EXPO AND INTERNATIONAL INVESTORS CONFERENCE is taking place in
the resource rich NORTH WEST PROVINCE. The Province is an ideal tourism and Investment destination with an impressive range of opportunities and we look forward to forging closer ties and bi - lateral relationships with our BRIC partners for many years to come!!


Mr Mojalefa Nale
Head of Department
Department of Economic Development & Tourism


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