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About Brics Expo and Investments

South Africa Trade & Investment Opportunities


Welcome to the Northern Cape Province! We are delighted to organise the fourth Annual BRICS Expo 2012 in partnership with the Free State Provoncial Government, in Kimberly at the University of Free State Rugby Stadium from the 17th ot the 19th October 2012.

The BRICS Expo 2012 is divided into three reas, viz; the Trade, Tourism 7 Culture Exhibition,The International Investors Conference and the Benefication Conference.

I am confident that the BRICS Expo 2012 will not only stimulate economic growth, but also foster trust andunderstanding between our countries by promoting trade, cultural and grassroots ex-change.
Further to the South-South Co-operation Agreement signed by our president, His Excellency, Mr. Thabo Mbeki,with leaders of the ASIA region, we belive that the BRICS Expo 2012 is a reflection of the fundamental importance of our bilateral relationship with countries from this dynamic region.

It is fitting the the fourth BRICS Expo 2012 is taking place in the vibrant abd resource rich Northern Cape Province.

The Province is an ideal Tourism & Investment destination with an impressive range of opportunities and a strong and forward looking Provoncial Goverment led by the Honourable Premier Her Excellency, Ms Frances Beatrice Marshoff.

I would like to thank the sponsors, the Task Team of the Free State Provincial Government, the Project Management Team of Global Exhibitions (Pty) LTD, and all the participants fo rtheir significant contributions.

Your participation will play an invaluable rol ein enhancing our political, commercial and personal partnerships with our friends from Asia, the Middle East and the world.

Global Exhibitions (Pty) LTD wishes all of you tremenous success and trusts that the BRICS Expo 2012 will be a platform to also promote deep & enduring ties accross a broad range of fields. Welcome again, to our country and Northern Cape Province – a Province that is the resource rich and the ideal Tourism and Investment Destination!!

South Africa – Fact Sheet – Maps

Political LeadershipPremier
Mr. Ace Magashule
LocationThe most centrally located province in South Africa, bordering six other provinces( Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Kwa-Zulu Natal, Eastern Cape , Northern Cape, North West & the Kingdom of Lesotho)
Total Area361 380 sq km
Municipalities24 (1 x Metropolitan Municipality)
Natural ResourcesGold, coal, diamonds, clay, limestone, salt, gypsum, granite, sandstone, titanium and uranium
Population (m)2,9
GDP145, 405 Billion ZAR
FS GDP Percentage Contribution5,5% ( 2010)
GDP per capitaR 51,480

South Africa’s Provinces

  • Gauteng
  • North West
  • Limpopo
  • Mpumalanga
  • KwaZulu-Natal
  • Free State
  • Northern Cape
  • Eastern Cape
  • Western Cape